Travel information

Advice for travelling with an electric wheelchair on airplanes

Perhaps you have plans to travel by plane soon and you would like to take your electric wheelchair with you. To ensure that all goes smoothly and without problems, we have put together some points that you will need to consider:

The wheelchair

  • Electric wheelchairs with dry cell battery will be carried if the cable connections are disconnected from the battery, the battery poles are isolated and the battery is securely mounted on the wheelchair.
  • Electric wheelchairs with non-spillable wet battery will not be carried for safety reasons.
  • The airlines may not impose additional costs charged for the transportation of own wheelchairs.
  • If you want to have handed your private wheelchair on leaving the airplain, it is recommended to notify at check-in or boarding the aircraft.
  • Important! Remove the main fuse before travelling by plane.
  • All the batteries in turbo twists are acid-free.
  • The batteries must not be removed from the wheelchair.
  • The batteries comply with the applicable IATA transport regulations.


  • Organise your flight in plenty of time.
  • Inform the airline about your disability (At least 8 hours bevor boarding).
  • Let the airline know that you intend to travel with an electric wheelchair.
  • We recommend that you take out a separate insurance policy for your wheelchair and its accessories.
  • The insured sum should be between 10,000 and 20,000.